LIVBionic Hex Legging



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Show off your curves in the LIVBionic Hex Legging. This print features our signature HIVE Hexagon pattern with a flattering fade in Poseidon Blue that accentuates the form. By promoting an increase in blood flow with the Nanobionic technology you get enhanced strength and endurance making these the best fitness clothes available. Your new yoga tights will not only look great but help you hold those powerful poses with strength and grace.

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The LIVBionic Hex Legging is the circulatory solution to short and long workouts, yoga, days on your feet and day dreaming. High (but not too high waisted), no slip Nanobionic Technology fabric will improve circulation, reduce cellulite and keep you going day after day after day after daydream. The recycling and enhancing of the bodies energy from the Nanobionic fabric make these yoga tights the best fitness clothes available. They do it all. Just like you. 

Quick-drying, moisture wicking and ultra flattering.

With C and H we bring you a curation to elevate your mood, your health, your vibe, your energy.

Elevate your health.

Elevate your wellness.

Elevate your vibe. 

Elevate your life.


LIV it.

Stella is 5’11 wearing size medium

– Promoting a temporary increase in local blood flow
– Enhancing faster recovery
– Increasing general wellness of being
– Boosting the body’s energy
– Recycling and enhancing the body’s energy
– Increasing and enhancing performance


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