Your Energy Is Your Currency

Cocoon and Hive brings you LIVBionic, America’s first FDA confirmed general wellness activewear brand powered by Nanobionic technology- improving circulation so you can work, perform, play, sleep and recover with energy to spare.

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With Cocoon and Hive we bring you a curation to elevate your mood, your health, your energy.

Elevate your wellness.
Elevate your vibe.
 Elevate your life.
LIV it.

Featured Collaborator

George and Ermis Psipsikas of Nanobionic are visionaries. As young athletes, raised in Greece, they strove to be the best they could be, to do the right thing—to eat right, to play fair, to excel, to thrive. They have taken their prowess in athleticism merged with science and tech to make a difference, to give back. Creating the proprietary material Nanobionic for our high end activewear, they have made not just a line of fitness apparel, but a gift within the wellness realm that we all need now more than ever.

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