Rise Up

Who are we and why do we do what we do?

At Cocoon and Hive we believe in rising to the occasion, seizing the moment to do the little things and say hello, lend a helping hand, to make a choice, to do the next thing right. Because little things add up. From small gestures of greeting to grand moves of taking the road less travelled, we challenge ourselves and thereby others to live fully. Gain as we give. Your energy is your currency. How will you share it? This year we collaborate with the West Marin Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. Ole Schell is working his family land with Guardian Grange veterans to restore a healthy habitat, and that’s just the kind of help our pollinators need. The success of the whole hive depends on the good of the whole.

Join the hive.

Rise to the occasion.

And then send us your story. We love to share good news. You are inspiration in action. info@cocoonandhive.com

Photo Credit: Karl Wolfgang

Here is our online journal . Pick a Phoenix on any page to see where the Risers we interviewed in this issue are putting their dollars and time to make a difference, and if the mood strikes you, add a few minutes or $s of your own.

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