1. How many washes before the Nanobionic Tech wears off?   100 home(50 commercial)! We recommend hanging dry.
  2. Does the material of the garment have to be touching your skin to be effective?  No you can wear up to 2 inches underneath and still reap the same benefits. In fact, wearing the upper body pieces even helps the legs and vice-versa. This increased circulation impacts the whole body.
  3. Is this jacket too warm for summer months? We have put our garments to the test in all climates and are truly a year-round product. Our jacket is good for sailing and skiing! When your body’s oxygen and blood flow is efficient, so is your natural ability to stay warm and stay cool….what a bonus to look so “hot” and “cool” while improving your life with these built in health benefits;)
  4. When will the Hex Leggings be available again? Keep your eye out January 2024. What better way to start a new year?!